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Travel tips
When we travel, it’s important to have a basic notion on how people live in our destination. Things like what and when to eat, what time the sun sets or what is considered polite are sometimes as important as it is knowing the main attractions or what is the opening time of that mandatory museum. Here you have a few of the most common mistakes that people make visiting Spain:

1. Not leaving tip

In Spain, bills don’t include tip. It’s important to consider this if you are going to pay the bill in any restaurant. Before you go, consider giving some euros as a tip. There is no fixed percent as in other countries but, make sure not to give too little!

2.Assuming everyone speaks English


Not everyone in Spain speaks English. Although there is a certainly fair amount of spaniards who can fluently chat in english, that is not the case for everyone, specially for the eldest. Your trip can be a great chance to learn a few words of Spanish! The Spaniards will feel happy about your effort, and maybe speak a little English for you.


Madrid has tons of wonderful, local spots for coffee, cheaper and really authentic, including Misión café, hola café, La Bicicleta, Mama Framboise, Toma Cafe, Cafelito, Pum Pum and La Colectiva Café where you can have a more authentic and local experience. Also, some of them have amazing vegetarian and vegan experiences.

They serve coffee almost in any bar o restaurant, but the varieties can be a little overwhelming. So here is a little guide to help you out:

If you want your milk room temperature or just warm, you should tell your bartender. If not you’ll probably are be going to get a really hot coffee

  • Café con leche: coffee with milk. Often served in a big glass (for breakfast) or mug
  • Café solo: a small espresso shot
  • Café cortado: a small espresso shot with a dash of milk
  • Café largo/Americano: large cup of coffee
  • Caliente/templado/ frío: Hot/warm/cold
  • Leche Desnatada/Leche sin lactosa/ Leche soja: Skim/lactose-free/soy milk

4. Not considering the different usual schedule

In Spain, lunch, and dinner hours are different. We take their our time to get there! If you feel hungry, you can always order some tapas before dinner for example, or eat brunch before lunch. A local person usually eats from 2:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m. Dinner time starts at 9:00 p.m. and the kitchens are open at least until 11:00 p.m, but they usually are open even longer.

Even so, one advantage of staying at a Heima Homes it’s the independence of being able to fill your fridge to lunch or dinner whenever you want.

5. Relaxing too much over your personal belongings

Even though Madrid is known as one of the safest cities in Europe, and you could walk alone in the city even at night without issues, pickpocketers are are small exception that is endemic to every big city in the world. Any sign of distraction can be an opportunity to stole your bag, if you are unlucky. Be sure to pay attention to your belongings and save your wallet and important stuff well. Anything that you don’t need during the day, and it’s important, leave it in the room. Check your bags are closed and stay alert. Nothing Special Ops or fancy, don get scared. Just the common sense you’ll have in your own city.

These are some of the mistakes travelers usually make in Spain! Follow the guidance and have incredible travel!