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Decoración, Trends

When we go on vacation, staying in a comfortable place, pleasant to look at and modern, can make a difference when it comes to enjoying our stay. The apartments that we offer in Heima Homes, have been decorated keeping in mind the latest decoration trends, adapting to the unique personality of each and its distribution.

Among the main decoration features, you will find in our Heima Homes:

1. Wide an defined Spaces
One of the most important aspects, when we make quality tourism, is the size of the place that is rented. Each space must allow the comfortable flow of the tenants (especially if you have children, you will know what we are talking about), and that these, in turn, are well defined and equipped with everything necessary. We even have some apartments with a playroom for the kids!

2. Good light presence

Light is joy and you are sure to come after it when you come to Spain. A spacious and bright place is undoubtedly an ideal combination to enjoy the time when you are not sightseeing. If your trip is work, you will not want to miss a minute of sun, even if it’s your turn to take the laptop to the apartment. In addition, the light of a house directly affects the aesthetics of the environment, the mood of the people and the activities they perform.

3. Dynamic elements and a careful color palette.

One of the current trends in the interior decoration world is the use of neutral color palettes in common spaces that achieve a pleasant, comfortable and spacious. The incorrect implementation of a color palette can generate visual monotony; that is why our floors combine this palette with other elements of more striking tones, harmonizing the environment and generating dynamism, always adapting it to the characteristics and personality of the apartments.

4. Mix of Textures

We chose different textures that, in addition to following decoration trends, add depth and dynamism to the homes: Rustic woods contrasted with modern furniture, fabrics and wallpaper are some of the elements used to generate pleasing textures to the eye and touch. We even have fun trompe l’oeil on some of the floors where the walls look like stone and carved, but when you pass the finger on it you will discover that it is wallpaper.

In our Heima Homes, you can enjoy the harmony generated by the combination of classic and modern elements, combined with style and maintaining an idea of functionality that will make you feel at home.