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Looking for a profitable investment?

If you are out in the market looking for investment opportunities, you have a special house you want to transform into a rental unit , or if you are attracted towards the holidays rental business but don’t know how to start, we can help you today. Here are a few reasons to start thinking about being a part of Heima.

Traditional & Rock Solid

Even though our approach is innovative, you will be entering in a traditional, stablished market that is blooming right now in Spain.

Real & Tangible

You won't be investing in untangible values or goods, nor in ideas. Homes exist, spaces are real and already in business.

Absolute control

Whatever the investment path you choose, rest assured you'll have tight control of your assets, and transparent operations will be assured.

Top ROI. Really Premium

You'll be entering a business with a real positioning in the premium market. Our homes are highly profitable and already have a high demand.

Why Heima?

Why is particularly interesting to seek an  investment in Heima? What are the differential advantages of jumping in the rental business with us?

Be part of an established Brand

If you join forces with us, you'll recieve the immediate reward of our know how, our current business growth and our brand an marketing efforts. That means lower set-up costs & times, and an immediate fast-track into working business, instead of growing from zero.

The amazing Heima Experience

We offer a different approach to the residential and travel experience. Unique homes, desing furniture and a real feel of luxury. Every unit you invest in or you bring us over, will be an unique experience for guests, instead of another stepstone in an infinite road of standarizaed housing.

Premium customers

As opposed to the actual trend of massive, low budget, high occupancy vacational model that permeate the main European cities, we work on a slow travel, high quality, high profiled customer model, to ensure reliability and growth opportunities.

Take a peek at what our guests experience.

Meet our actual homes

Our different Investing paths

Just as there’s not only one kind of guest, and as every one of our homes is unique we offer three different investment paths, to suit your goals.

Shared Business Unit

  1. Limited Partnership company

  2. Control of your ROI

  3. Transparent operations

  4. Fixed Time Amortization

Fixed Investment

  1. Focused or sharing efforts

  2. Amazing return for your money

  3. Transparent operations

  4. Flexible rates and times

Bring your property

  1. Limited Partnership company

  2. Control of your ROI

  3. Transparent operations

  4. Fixed Time Amortization

Interested in working with us?

Sounds good, right? When you look at the specifics, it gets even better. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting or conference call. Start our joint sucess today!