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Heima homes has a new flat where you can enjoy a perfect holidays in the best location you can expect: “Barrio de Salamanca”. It’s a place where you can find the most famous stores to enjoy your holidays and also very near of one of the biggest parks in the city: “El Retiro”. 

Barrio de Salamanca

District of Salamanca, Madrid. 

The district of Salamanca it’s one of the 21 districts that form the municipality of Madrid. It owes its name to its builder, José de Salamanca y Mayol, who made one of the most beautiful architectural zone of Madrid. It has 5,38 km² which makes an extensive neighborhood, perhaps it is very well connected by metro or bus. 

Platea Madrid: the biggest gastronomic & leisure centrePlatea Madrid: the biggest gastronomic & leisure centre. 

It has become one of the most important commercial areas of the city and one of the highest living standards in Europe with the largest luxury shopping area in Madrid. It also counts with the best restaurants, where you can taste the best gastronomy of Madrid. 

El Retiro 

El Retiro.

It is a historical garden and public park. Its considered one of the main tourist attractions of the city. It houses many architectural, sculptural and landscape ensembles. El Retiro is the best place to escape from the city and enjoy the nature that offers the 118 hectares. Its also a good place to make some physical activity or to take some pictures. It counts with 19.000 trees of 167 different species, so if you are a person who loves nature, this is your place.

Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace), El Retiro. 

The Crystal Palace is one of our favorite architectonic place in Madrid. The crystal makes this palace a unique building that you can visit for free. 
Its opened the whole year so it doesn’t matter the season or the moment you visit Madrid, because you can always enjoy this beautiful place. 

Book it now here and enjoy the city! 


Heima news
At Heima we take care of every single detail so you can feel like you’re in your own home. We offer you additional services included in our apartments that will make your journey an unforgettable experience. We want you to focus your mind on having a great time in the Spanish capital, so we provide you with a welcome pack with the amenities that you may need, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Among other services you can find some basics as Wi-fi, air conditioning or premium furniture.

Netflix and PS4

In a Heima home you can relax and take a break from your journey in the main space of your home. In the living room you can find an ample space where you’ll have the latest leisure service like smart TV.  You can experiment the Spanish experience while you take a break from your journey by watching a Spanish movie like “Tres bodas de más” (Three many weddings) or “Ocho apellidos vascos”(Eight Basque Surnames) on Netflix. You can also spend some family time playing video-games in the PS4.

Heima Home Cinema Sol

Fully equipped kitchen

You can start your day enjoying a cup of freshly made coffee or tea in the coffee maker. If you want to replenish energy before resuming your visit, you’ll find that our kitchens are fully equipped for every possible need. If you travel in a big grup or if you want to invite new friends made all along your stay, they can join you in our spacious dinning room tables, and spend a lovely time together.

Heima Home Puerta del Sol

The play room

If you’re traveling with kids, in the serrano Penthhouse they will find a perfect space for having some fun time. This room is connected to the bunk bed rooms and you will find table games and child books. In this room you can also find the washer and the dryer in a large closet.

Heima Home Serrano Penthouse

We really hope you can enjoy and take full advantage of this details put in place to make your stay something similar to being in your own home.

Heima news

At Heima Homes we are devoted to finding spaces we love and turn them in to homes for clients that demand a warm and luxury stay when visiting Madrid. Want to know how to be a part of Heima? Just keep reading!


Some of the reasons why you might find interesting to invest in this business:

-Despite the fact that at Heima take a totally innovative and unique approach, you will invest in a traditional and sound market that is steadily increasing in Spain.


-No matter which form of investment you choose, we grant you full control of your investment as well as total transparency of operations.

-It is a highly profitable and strongly demanded premium business.


But…why Heima?

-By investing at Heima you will obtain our know-how and experience in the marketing and sales field. This will allow you to reduce initial costs and waste less time to start to monetize your investment.

-We focus on VIP clients in order to ensure reliability, profitability and growth prospects.



There are several ways to take a part in Heima…

-As a share drive: creating a limited partnership with us provides you with better growth prospects, great profitability and allows you to monetize your investment within a specific time frame.


-A fixed-term investment: can be individual or collective, at a medium or long term-rate that provide you high profitability.

-Exploiting your apartment: this business model provides you higher profitability for less effort, due to the fact that we manage everything for you. This way, you would become part of our brand and will earn a monthly fixed income.



Discover more about our investment options here and if you have any other doubt please do not hesitate to contact us calling to any of these phone numbers:  +34 652 442 292 (Miguel) // +34 679 341 340 (Rafael) or sending an email to 


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Travelling with kids can be either a wonderful experience or a daunting challenge. At Heima Homes we have designed and created kid-friendly apartments so you can introduce your kids to the exciting adventure of discovering new places without turning your vacation into a total nightmare. 

1. A lot of space

Is there anything worse than spending your vacation in a small hotel room with barely any space? Children need enough space to play around and keep learning. Our spacious apartments will make the whole family feel at home and will allow you to fully enjoy your vacation in Madrid. 



2. Sleep 

Yeah, we agree. Having enough space is key. But having a bedroom for each family member is even better. Forget about waking up early in the morning and walking silently trying to avoid making any noises that could wake up the other family members. At Heima Homes all our apartments are equipped with a bunk bedroom for toddlers and another bedroom for youngsters. 


3. Extras extras!!

Some of the perks of staying at Heima Homes include a separate playroom for kids, a PlayStation 4 with different games or an activated Netflix account so you can enjoy movie nights as a family! Once thing is for sure: you won’t get bored at Heima Homes. 



4. Hunger 

Do you hate waking up early during your vacation so you don’t miss the hotel’s breakfast service? We hate it too, but luckily you don’t have to worry about that at Heima Homes. We have fully-equipped kitchens with everything you need to prepare meals and snacks at home so you don’t have to establish eating schedules, just eat whenever and wherever you want! 


5. Location

Our apartments are at walking distance from the top tourist attractions of the city and they are also close to entertainment activities for children such as the cable car from which you will be able to see the city from a bird’s eye view or the rowing boats at El Retiro Park. A bit further you will find Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid football museums, amusement parks such as Parque de Atracciones or Parque Warner and Aquópolis water parks. 

We hope you can enjoy your holidays as a family at Heima Homes! See you soon! 


Heima news

You might be wondering… what is Heima? Heima is the Icelandic word for home, and now, your premium home abroad. Our aim is to make you feel at home despite being in another city. To do so, we are available for you 24/7 to provide a unique level of service and care and to help you with everything you might need. Staying in our apartments will give you the freedom to do whatever you prefer each moment, without fixed schedules.

We offer the best luxury apartments with their own distinctive character in the best locations of Madrid just a few steps away from the main tourist attractions of the city, such as the Royal Palace, Puerta de Alcalá, Gran Vía and many others.


Our privileged locations are surrounded by trendy cafés, exclusive restaurants and high-end fashion boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Max Mara…



All our homes include everything you need to feel at home during your stay and all the details have been taken care of so you don’t have to worry about anything and you can fully enjoy your holidays your own way.