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Travel tips

Nowadays, smartphones are a big part of our lives. You can find apps for socialising, business, leisure and many other things. Here is a selection of our favourite travel apps to help you make the most out of your stay in Madrid.



Metro de Madrid 

If we had to choose a way to move around Madrid, it would definitely be by Metro. It is affordable, fast and clean and it connects the main touristic attractions of the city. The app is available in English, French, German, Chinese and it provides the regular Metro map plus a tourist map with the main attractions of the city in relation to the Metro stops. Plus, you will be able to check the rates, create your own routes and calculate how long will it take to get from one point to another.




If you prefer to move around the city by bus, EMT’s app is essential. It allows you to plan the best route to get to your destination, check how many minutes it will take the bus to arrive to your stop and you can also get notifications in case of delay or breakdown. It is definitely one of the best apps to get around in Madrid.




My Taxi

Do you prefer to get a cab to move around the city? This app allows you to request a taxi directly from your phone. You can even reserve it in advance without extra fees, which might be handy if you’ve got an early morning flight. Plus you will be able to pay through the app and get the receipt by email.




Moovit is the app that offers the most precise public transit information. The app shows you the best way to get from one point to another using all the available public transport systems: Metro, bus, railway… Simply input a starting location and a destination and Moovit will offer directions and notify you when you’re getting close to your stop.




Google Translate

Are you travelling to Madrid and you don’t speak a word of Spanish? Are you concerned about not being able to translate the items on the menu? Stop worrying! Google Translate allows you to instantly translate written text between languages in real time. Have in mind that this is an automated translation service and given the fact that Spanish is a really complex language, be prepared in case the translation leads to a funny misunderstanding. We spaniards love this kind of misunderstanding 😉


Guia Punto

This app is a complete guide to the city of Madrid and it helps you decide which activities to take part in. You can search for bars, clubs, galleries and cultural centres, shopping, historical places and many more. The app includes a wide variety of places that are very popular among locals.


Madrid Travel Guide – eTips

We know sometimes it is hard to choose which sites to visit and which to skip, but don’t worry, Madrid 360º app will assist you to decide which spots make it to your must-visit list. Thanks to the fully interactive 360 degree images it is possible to discover monuments, streets, gardens, churches and other major sites. The app also provides brief historical descriptions of each spot and recommendations for things to see and do in the surrounding area. Definitely, a must for sightseers.


El Tenedor (The Fork)

If you want to eat out in Madrid but have no idea where to go and need some inspiration, use El Tenedor, an app where you can search restaurants by location, cuisine and discount. The app allows you to find great deals on weekdays and make online reservations through the app . A must-have app for foodies.


XE Currency Converter

This is a very useful app to make sure you always know the exchange rates and help you to get fair deals when changing money. You can convert every world currency and you can also use the app offline by saving the last updated rates, which is great if you have limited connectivity or trying to save on data.